Field types

Fields are the individual elements which house the content for every node. The following types of fields are in use across the various content types available in the Trinity Web Support Drupal build.

Field Type Description
Boolean Used to make a yes/no decision; typically used to designate a featured item.
Date Used to add a just a date, or a date and time.
Date Range Used to add a start and end date; can be configured so just a date is collected, or date and time. Also includes an All Day option.
Email Used to store and validate an email address.
Entity Reference Used to reference an existing node.
File Used to upload a file (DOC/DOCX, PDF, PPT/PPTX).
Image Used to upload an image (JPG/JPEG, GIF, or PNG).
Link Used to add a URL (web address); can be configured to validate the URL, to require link text, or provided static link text which is the same for all links (e.g. "View Online Map").
Number Used to add an integer.
Term Reference Used to categorize content; typically taxonomy terms make up the available options.
Text (formatted) Used to add formatted/rich text using an editor similar to Microsoft Word.
Text (plain) Used to enter a short (< 255 characters) snippet of text with no formatting, such as a first or last name.
Text (plain, long) Used to enter unlimited text with no formatting.