Create a local member

Member profiles are created in one of two ways. The preferred method is via an import from the Trinity Directory Tool, but profiles can also be created locally using the Member - Local content type. For example, if you wish to add a member from a different institution who is tangentially associated with a Duke center or lab, using the Member - Local content type would be necessary.

Please see Managing member profiles for more information.

  1. Select Content ⇒ Add Content ⇒ Member - Local from the admin menu
  2. Provide the following:
    • On the General tab:
      • Display Name (required),
      • Last name (required),
      • Image (required),
      • Profile URL, and
      • Overview
    • On the Job info tab:
      • Title (i.e. job or appointment title),
      • Class,
      • Scholars Category,
      • Local Category, and
      • Research Areas
    • On the Contact info tab:
      • Email,
      • Phone,
      • Office location,
      • Mailing address, and
      • Website

If the Profile URL field is populated, the member’s name and image will link to that address rather than their profile on the site.

The Class, categories, and Research Areas field will determine where on the site the profile is displayed. For example, if you have a local category of ‘Associated Scholars’, then a local member tagged as such will appear on the “Associated Scholars” page.