Create a PhD for hire

Each site has a content type, PhD for Hire, that can be used to promote recent- or soon-to-be-PhD graduates who are in the job market.

Not all sites are configured to display PhD for hire content. If you would like to start using this content type, please contact Trinity Communications for an initial consultation regarding how this could work with your site and where you want the content to be displayed.

To add a PhD for hire:

  1. Select Content ⇒ Add content ⇒ PhD for Hire from the admin menu
  2. Provide the following:
    • Display name (required),
    • Last name (required),
    • Photo (optional image),
    • Bio (required),
    • CV (optional PDF or DOC)
    • Email (optional),
    • Personal webpage (optional; this can be a page on the site where the PhD for Hire is being created or a different website), and
    • Research and Teaching Interests (optional)
  3. Click Save

How to display

This content can be displayed as a grid or list of items on a page, and two carousels are available, which show three and nine items selected at random each time the site’s cache is cleared.