Managing entityqueues

The front page of your site may include several views which employ an entityqueue to determine which items are included in the view and/or the order in which the items appear. The views that use an entityqueue include:

  • Events (uses the Front page events entityqueue)
  • Large Feature Slides (uses the Large Feature Slider entityqueue)
  • News (uses the Front page news entityqueue)
  • Featured Courses (uses the Featured Courses Carousel entityqueue)

Each of the entityqueues allow an unlimited number of items to be included, but the views themselves dictate the number of items that are displayed. In other words, you can add an unlimited number of Feature slides to the Large Feature Slider queue, but the Large Feature Slider view will only show the first three items in the queue.

There are several variations of the Events and News views, both in terms of the display (grid vs. list) and the number of items included (2 – 5), but all views that might be used on the front page use an entityqueue in some fashion.

The Events views, regardless of the display or number of items shown, only show upcoming events, and order those items by date. However, the associated entityqueue – Front page events – can be used to override the date sort order, and move an event that has been added to the queue above everything else.

For example, if your site uses a view that shows a list of three events, by default the next three upcoming events would be the items that are shown. By using the associated entityqueue, you could promote an event that may not happen for several months as the first item in the list. Once the event has occurred it would remain in the queue, but no longer appear in the view since it is no longer upcoming.

The front page News views consist of a variety options showing between two and five items, in either a list or grid. Each of these views is dependent on the Front page news entityqueue, meaning if the queue is empty, then no items will be shown. If you use a News view on your front page, the queue should be updated regularly, or at least whenever an important article is added or imported to your site.

The Large Feature Slider view shows the first three items in the Large Feature Slider entityqueue, regardless of how many items are in the queue. When you create a new Feature Slide, it will be automatically added as the first item in this queue, and thereby become the first item in the slider. If there were already three items in the queue, the third item would become the fourth, and thus no longer appear in the slider. (Note that there is a Large Feature Slider view that is not dependent on an entityqueue, but rather displays three items chosen at random from all published Feature slide nodes.)

Adding, removing, and reordering items in an entityqueue

You can add, remove, and reorder the items included in an entityqueue by hovering over the view on the front page. You will see an edit icon appear at top-right; click this icon and select Edit subqueue.

  • Click and drag the crosshair icon
    at the left of the table to reorder.
  • Click the Remove button at the right of the table to remove an item.
  • To add an existing item (that is, a node that is already present in the system), begin typing the title in the text box beneath the table; select the item you wish to add and click Add item.

When you are finished reordering, removing, or adding items, click Save.

This interface can also be accessed by selecting Structure ⇒ Entityqueue from the administrative toolbar. Click the Edit items button respective to the queue you wish to modify, then follow the steps outlined above to add, remove, or reorder the items in the queue.