Managing events

Your site is configured to import Events from the Duke Event Calendar. To add an event to your website, simply add it to the Duke Calendar — make sure your department/program is designated in the Group field — and it will automatically appear on your website in 24-48 hours as an Event - Imported item.

If an event has been imported to your site which you do not wish to appear on your site, you can simply unpublish the node.

Note: As with all imported content, changes made to any fields other than those found under the Local Data tab, will be reverted to the original data from the import source (Duke Calendar) the next time the importer runs. This includes the Title field.

If you do have a need to add an event to your website, but you do not want it to be on the Duke Calendar, you can create a local event.

Front page events

Some sites feature events in a view on the front page. The 'Events' views, regardless of the display or number of items shown, only show upcoming events, and order those items by date. However, the associated entityqueue – "Front page events" – can be used to override the date sort order, and move an event that has been added to the queue above everything else.

For example, if your site uses a front page view that shows a list of three events, by default, the next three upcoming events would be the items that are shown. By using the associated entityqueue, you could promote an event that may not happen for several months as the first item in the list. Once the event has occurred it would remain in the queue, but no longer appear in the view since it is no longer upcoming.

Please refer to Managing Entityqueues for instructions on displaying and sorting front page events.