Working with audio

Audio content can be added to your site provided your audio files have been uploaded to SoundCloud. You can find more information here.

  1. Go to the page where you want to add audio
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Place the cursor in a rich text field (e.g. the Body field) where you wish to add the video
  4. Click the Embed Audio button audio icon
  5. You can select an existing audio item that has been previously uploaded under the Library tab
  6. OR You can add a new SoundCloud audio item under the Create New SoundCloud Audio tab
  7. For a new audio item, provide a name and a SoundCloud link
  8. Click Save Audio, then click Next
  9. Select a display mode for your audio player, Wide (full-width in the content area) or Medium (75% of the width of the content area). Audio elements are intended to fill the width of the content area, and as such the alignment options do not apply.
  10. Save the change to the page by clicking Save