Department publication

This content is imported from Scholars@Duke, which imports its content from Duke Elements. The importer can be configured to bring in all publications, or only those which have been marked as a faculty member’s “Favourite” in Duke Elements, in one of four citation styles (APA, Chicago, ICMJE, or MLA). These nodes are not published by default; users with a role of the content author, site editor, or site builder have the ability to change the status to published in order to display a publication on the site.

In addition to the data imported from the system of record, nodes can be augmented locally with several fields highlighted in bold text below. For more information, please see Managing publications.


Label Machine name Field type Required? Allowed values
Title title String y 1
Cover image field_cover_image Image n 1
Category field_publication_category Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Research areas field_research_themes Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Duke author(s) field_duke_authors Text (plain) n 1
Abstract override field_abstract_override Text (formatted, long) n 1
Additional link(s) field_additional_links Link n Unlimited
Publication type field_publication_type Entity reference (Taxonomy) n 1
Publication date field_publication_date Date n 1
Authors field_authors Text (plain, long) n 1
Published in field_published_in Text (plain) n 1
Citation field_citation Text (formatted, long) n 1
Abstract field_abstract_override Text (formatted, long) n 1
DOI field_doi Text (plain) n 1
Open access copy field_open_access_copy Link n 1

On the views that show all publications, if the "Duke author(s)" field populated, this content is used instead of the authors list imported from Scholars@Duke. If the "Abstract override" field is populated, this content will be used instead of the imported abstract when viewing an individual node.