Event - Local

Used to create events locally (i.e. independent of the Duke Event Calendar). To add an event locally, select “Content ⇒ Add content ⇒ Event - Local” from the admin toolbar.


Label Machine name Field type Required? Allowed values
Title title String y 1
Category/Series field_event_local_category Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Image field_event_local_img Entity reference (Image) n 1
Cancelled field_cancelled Boolean n 1
Date field_event_date Date range y 1
Description body Text (formatted, long) y 1
Sponsor field_event_sponsor Text (plain) n 1
Co-Sponsors field_event_co_sponsors Text (plain) n Unlimited
Location field_event_location Text (plain) n 1
Location Link field_event_location_link Link n 1
Contact field_event_contact Text (plain) n 1
Contact Email field_event_contact_email Email n 1
Contact Phone field_event_contact_phone Text (plain) n 1
Link field_event_link Link n 1
Speaker(s) field_events_speakers Text (plain, long) n 1