Create a basic page

Basic pages are the primary content type used throughout your website. To add a new page:

  1. Select Content ⇒ Add Content ⇒ Basic page from the admin menu
  2. Fill in the fields on the following page: Title (required) and Body

Adding your page to the menu

If you want site visitors to be able navigate to the page via the site navigation, it needs to be assigned to a menu:

  1. Click the Provide a menu link checkbox in the Menu Settings section which is located in the right-hand column in of the edit form.
  2. The Menu link title will be auto-populated with value of the Title field, but you can change it if necessary. This will be the text of the menu item.
  3. Select the page under which this page will appear from the Parent item drop-down menu. To add its menu item to the top-level horizontal navigation, leave the default <Main navigation>.
  4. Click Save

URL Paths

By default, the URL path that is generated for a new page is based on the title field, and will be at the root of the URL. For example, a page entitled ‘About’ will default to a path of ‘’.

You can modify the default URL path to the page you are creating under the ‘URL Path Settings’ tab. If you are adding a page to a section that follows a pattern, such as ‘graduate/for-new-students’ and ‘graduate/about’ you will want to follow that same pattern. The URL path is often used to display related information, such as department officer blocks in the left column. For example, the block displaying the Director of Graduate Studies is often set to display on all pages where the URL path starts with ‘graduate/’.