Create an event

Events Imported from Duke Event Calendar

Your site may be configured to import Events from the Duke Event Calendar. To add events to your website, simply add it to the Duke Calendar — make sure your department/program is designated in the Group field — and it will automatically appear within 24 hours. If an event has been imported to your site which you do not wish to appear on your site, you can simply unpublish the node.

If you are unsure if your site is importing events from the Duke Event Calendar, please contact

Local Events

For those events you don’t feel are appropriate for the Duke Calendar, but you want them on your site, you may add these locally. To do this:

  1. Select Content ⇒ Add Content ⇒ Event – Local from the admin menu
  2. Fill out all the information regarding your event*
  3. Click Save

This event will now appear with all other events on your site, including any imported Duke Calendar events, and organized by date.

*For an “All Day” event, enter the same start and end date, with the time for each being 12:00:00 AM:

Event date settings to create an "All Day" event.