News article - Local

Used to locally add news items (i.e. independent of the import from To add a news article locally, select “Content ⇒ Add content ⇒ News article - Local” from the admin toolbar.


Label Machine name Field type Required? Allowed values
Headline title String y 1
By Line field_by_line Text (plain) n 1
Published Date field_published_date Date y 1
Category field_local_news_category Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Research Areas field_research_themes Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Image field_news_article_local_image Entity reference (Image) n 1
Hide image field_hide_image List (text) y 1
Image caption field_image_caption Text (formatted, long) n 1
Body body Text (formatted, long) n 1
External article field_external_story Link n 1