Create an alumni profile

  1. Select Content ⇒ Add content ⇒ Alumni from the admin menu
  2. Provide the following:
    •   Display name (required),
    •   Alumni image,
    •   Position [and] Employer,
    •   Body, and
    •   Last Updated
  3. Click Save

The alumni profiles are displayed in a grid format, ordered by the 'Last Updated' date, from the most recently updated.

Other optional fields

  • Featured
  • Featured Alumni Text

If your site includes a "Featured Alumni" carousel, you can check the 'Featured' checkbox to include an alumni in the carousel, and add content to the 'Featured Alumni Text' field which displays under the alumni photo in the carousel.

  • Category

If the alumni page on your site includes a category filter, you can tag each alumni profile with one or more categories to take advantage of this filter.

If you would like to include either a Featured Alumni carousel or a category filter on your alumni page, please contact