Managing blocks

sociology alumni block.
The “Alumni” block on the Department of Sociology’s website

Blocks are small pieces of content that can be used in multiple locations on a site, which are editable in one central location. Blocks can only be created and placed by Site Administrators on the Trinity Web or Communications teams. Basic blocks can be edited by Content Authors, Site Editors, and Site Builders.

There are a few situations where it may be necessary for us to use blocks:

  • A piece of content needs to show on two or more different pages.
  • There is a piece of content on the homepage that needs to be frequently edited by a site editor who will not have the proper permissions to edit the homepage.

To edit a block, you can go to the block library on your website by clicking Shortcuts in the administration menu and then clicking Block Library, or by going to the following location on your site:

There, you can see all of the available blocks on the site and edit the one you need to update.