Managing taxonomies

Your website likely makes use of Drupal's system of categorizing and tagging content known as a taxonomy. Put simply, a taxonomy is comprised of one or more vocabularies, which in turn are comprised of one or more terms. As a site editor, you may be able to edit and add terms to some vocabularies, but in some cases the terms found in a vocabulary are imported from an external source.

To see the vocabularies you do have the ability to edit:

  1. Select Structure > Taxonomy from the administrative toolbar.
  2. To view the terms in a vocabulary, click the List terms button in the Operations column of the appropriate row.
  3. If you can add terms, you will see a blue Add term button above the list of terms.
  4. If you can edit the terms in the vocabulary, you will see an Edit button in the Operations column of each row.

Note that your site may not include any vocabularies that require manual updates by a site editor. If you do not have access to the Taxonomy admin interface, please contact for consultation; if there are vocabularies that site editors need to be able to modify, we will work with you to set up the proper permissions.

Using a new term

In some cases, a newly added term will be put to use immediately. For example, if the terms for a given vocabulary are used as a user-facing filtering mechanism for an existing view, a newly added term will be present as a new filter as soon as it is added.

In other cases, Trinity Web Support will need to perform additional steps to put a new term to use. This may included creating a new view that makes use of the new term, and creating a page on which the new view is displayed. If this is the case, or you are unsure whether assistance is needed, please contact