Used to promote a variety of opportunities (internships, undergraduate research, jobs, etc.) that can be categorized by type and time-frame (e.g. academic year, summer, post graduation, etc.). To add an opportunity, select “Content ⇒ Add content ⇒ Opportunity” from the admin toolbar.


Label Machine name Field type Required? Allowed values
Title title String y 1
Description body Text (formatted, long) y 1
Closing date field_closing_date Date y 1
Type field_opportunity_type Entity reference (Taxonomy) y 1
Timeframe field_opportunity_timeframe Entity reference (Taxonomy) y 1

The 'Closing date' field is has a default value of 300 days (~10 months) from the date the item is created, but this can be modified at any time. Once passed, the item will be removed from any views in which it is displayed.