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Label Machine name Field type Required? Allowed values
Title title String y 1
Category field_category Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Course Image field_course_image Entity reference (Image) n 1
Local description field_local_description Text (formatted, long) n 1
Notes field_notes Text (plain, long) n 1
Subject field_subject Entity reference (Taxonomy) n 1
Number field_number_only Text (plain) n 1
Catalog number field_number Text (plain) n 1
Level field_course_level Text (plain) n 1
Description body Text (formatted, long) n 1
Enroll Consent field_consent Text (plain, long) n 1
Drop Consent field_drop_consent Text (plain, long) n 1
Typically Offered field_typically_offered Entity reference (Taxonomy) n 1
Prerequisites field_prerequisites Text (plain, long) n 1
Components field_components Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Curriculum Codes field_curriculum_codes Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Cross-Listed As field_crosslisted_as Text (plain) n Unlimited