Member - Local

Used to manually add member nodes to a site (i.e. independent of Scholars@Duke or the Trinity Directory Tool). To add a member locally, select “Content ⇒ Add content ⇒ Member - Local” from the admin toolbar.


Label Machine name Field type Required? Allowed values
Display Name title String y 1
Last name field_last_name Text (plain) y 1
Image field_local_image Image y 1
Profile URL field_profile_url Link n 1
Overview body Text (formatted, long) n 1
Class field_scholars_class Entity reference (Taxonomy) n 1
Scholars Category field_scholars_category Entity reference (Taxonomy) n 1
Local category field_category_override Entity reference (Taxonomy) n 1
Research Areas field_research_themes Entity reference (Taxonomy) n Unlimited
Job title field_job_title Text (plain) n 1
Email field_email Email n 1
Phone field_phone Text (plain) n 1
Office location field_office_location Text (plain) n 1
Mailing address field_mailing_address Text (plain) n 1
Website field_websites Link n Unlimited